NeoTech has arrived!

A brand new suite of products and services, with new technologies, but with the quality and reliability that come from many years of experience. 

NeoTech is a Telecommunications Company and Service Provider targeting the Brazilian Expatriate market in North America and Europe and the market of Brazilian tourists visiting these locations.

We are using cutting edge mobile technology for International Roaming and special conditions for phone calls to and from Brazil and USA/Europe with our CallMundi and CallLar Products.

Our roaming technology is also apllied to IoT, and the NeoTrak Services provide complete solutions for monitoring and tracking of people, vehicles and goods worldwide. The technology for this project is supplied by a fully-integrated mobile operator and an IoT solution provider with proprietary technology enabling worldwide connectivity for M2M devices without roaming charges.

To inspire and enable a better world through our technology and services. 

To become a truly International Solutions Provider employing cutting-edge technology to offer telecommunications and OTT services to expatriates, travellers and transportation whilst providing a healthy profit for its shareholders and excellent working conditions for its collaborators. 

  • Passion - We are committed and enthusiastic in all we do. 
  • Responsibility - We are personally accountable for the work we do. 
  • Innovation - Our commitment to continuous innovation encourages new ideas and creativity. 
  • Service excellence - We strive for standards of service excellence that exceed the expectations of those we serve. 
  • Quality - We are committed to providing the highest quality products and services