CallMundi, an innovative Global Roaming Pre-paid SIM Card, provides a cost-effective solution for making phone calls and using data services when travelling. Reducing cost by up to 87%, CallMundi offers a instant and easy way to stay connected in 190 countries. 
  • Pre-paid: Users donĀ“t have to sign a contract or pay ongoing monthly fees and have complete control over costs; 
  • Worldwide: CallMundi Works in more than 190 countries, using over 570 local network operators; 
  • Low-cost: Our biggest advantage is price. CallMundi brings down cost of using mobile phones when travelling by up to 87%; 
  • Enabled: CallMundi is data enabled and allows users to browse Internet, instant messaging and social media almost anywhere in the world; 
  • Easy: CallMundi does not require on-line activation. It is automatically activated when placed in na unblocked phone; 
  • Equipped: CallMundi comes with a personalized, on-line account offering top-ups, purchase and history, call log, technical support, etc.; 
  • Valid for life: SIM, phone number or airtime will not expire as long as it is used at least once every 12 months. 
The CallMundi roaming card can be purchased from the web site for USD29.  
This value includes USD10 of credit to be used for voice or data services and shipping to your home. 
Save up to 87% on roaming charges when you are away from home!